M a r k e t A l e r t

Now you can keep your finger on the pulse of the market - MarketAlert will alert you when the stocks you are watching start to make a move. Don't miss that next Buy or Sell opportunity!

New Release 8/21/99!!

MarketAlert connects to your Internet Service Provider and retrieves stock quotes from the Web. The quotes are analyzed for price movement beyond the percentage you specify. If one of the stocks in your watch list has moved outside of this range an alert is sent. With MarketAlert you have the choice of receiving email and pager alerts. Since MarketAlert! retrieves stock quotes from the Internet, you pay no monthly monitoring fees.

MarketAlert is very flexible. You can use scripts with MarketAlert to incorporate the power of technical analysis or perform other functions. For example, you can use scripts which incorporate moving average crossover analysis, overbought/oversold indicators, stochastics, or other technical indicators. Save and analyze prices throughout the day for intraday technical analysis. Other possible MarketAlert applications include monitoring for news on stock splits, mergers, earnings reports, etc.

MarketAlert is free and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). To download MarketAlert, click here.

MarketAlert is written in Perl. You will need to download the free Perl interpreter from http://www.perl.com/ if you do not already have Perl installed on your machine.